A Wreck For Everyone

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While you can find in the southern part of the Red Sea many wrecks, Aqaba has also its own ones and counts now not less than five wrecks along the Jordanian coastline.

In Aqaba, every divers, whatever their levels will find the one for them. The beginners will choose to go to the Tank and enjoy some shallow and easy dives around, while the more adventurous ones will do a deep dive on the big cargo ship wreck “Cedar Pride” surrounded by beautiful reef.

Technical diving can also be done by the ones certified Tec divers on the two barges “Al-Shorouk” and “Taiwong” lying at 55 to 60 meters down.

The scuttling of the Plane, a major event!!!


The last one that arrived in Aqaba is the legendary C-130 Hercules. It has been scuttling on the 16th of November 2017 and end up by being an entire success. This big event was followed by journalists from all over the world and coordinated by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), the Royal Jordanian Navy and the Aqaba Port Corporation.

With its 30 meters length and 40 meters wingspan, it is a very impressive sight. It lies on a 15 meters sandy bottom and is surrounded by beautify coral reefs. Having a great location with its proximity of the famous seven sisters and tank, it is an ideal site for beginners and experienced divers where you can combine the two wrecks.

Before being scuttled, all materials that could be a risk for the marine life (paint, fuel, oil ...) were removed. Donated by the Royal Jordanian Air Force, it will become an artificial reef and create a new habitat for fishes and corals. Its structure also allows easy penetration and is perfect for wreck specialty divers and the ones willing to learn this specialty.

“Over time the Hercules will be considered as a primary dive location in Aqaba! “

Why is it so great to dive on a wreck?

Wreck diving has passionate divers for years and is an incredibly and unique way of scuba diving as it combines diving with beautiful marine life and history.

While diving on a wreck you can completely immerge yourself into the history of the wreck and learn about the specificity of its story. Also, as it becomes a big habitat for the underwater wildlife, it usually attracts a big variety of marine life and you can be lucky to spot amazing species!

Stories of the wrecks

  • The Cedar Pride

The Cedar Pride is one of the most famous dive sites in Aqaba. It was scuttled deliberately in November 1985 by the current king of Jordan Abdullah II (prince at this time) for the divers from all over. It is located along the coastline between Rainbow Reef and the Japanese Garden and has an easy access from the shore and boats.

The wreck lies at approximately 30 meters on his side, on the top of two big coral reefs and offers the opportunity to go underneath for the experienced ones.

Overtime may hard and soft corals has grown on it and attracted a lot of big marine species such as turtles, napoleons…

The macro life is also very rich as you can find sometimes some ghost pipe fish hidden in the soft corals or frog fish on some pipes of the wreck.



  • The Tank

The M42 anti-aircraft tracked vehicle, also called “Tank” has been scuttled in September 1999 in Aqaba next to the formation of pinnacles in shallow water called the “Seven Sisters”. Both are forming the very popular dive site called “Seven sisters and Tank”. The tank lies on a sandy bottom at 5 meters and offers easy dive for beginners and nice resting place ideal for safety stops for experienced ones.

The dive site is of course accessible from the shore and by boat and offers a nice mixture of wreck and reef diving. Over the years, some marine life has been taken places and life on it.

It is very common to find a lot of pipe fishes, lion fishes and shrimps hidden inside.

IMGL0946 = (the all tank)

IMGL9212= (re name: The tank from down with diver)

IMGL8723= (re name: the tank from the side)

  • The two tec wrecks : Taiyong and Al-Shorouk

Taiyong is located in the deep part next to the reef of Japanese garden and lies at a maximum depth of approximatively 57 meters where the top is at 35 meters.

It is a barge that was used in the port of Aqaba for loading the arriving ships. It has been scuttling in 1999 due to too important damages.  It is now a tec diving site where tec deep divers can go and enjoy the deep part of their dives on the wreck and end the dives on the shallow reef of Japanese Garden.

Al-Shorouk is located in the south of the seven sisters and the tank, in the deep part of Eel canyon. The ship is lying on the side going down to 55 meters and plus at the stern up to 38 meters at the bow.

It has been sunk in 2008 by the Marine park of Aqaba but end up drifting down to create a new deep diving site.

Tec diving are now done on this ship, starting with the deep part on the wreck and finishing the dive on the south part of seven sisters.



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